Call categories

Among the calls you get from the clients, only some part of them converts to a sale or to another goal. The other part can call the managers to know the address of the office/shop or they can look for another information.

To get more clear statistics use call categories configurations.

For example, there is a call, when a visitor called to figure out some details about an order or your service; when a visitor calls to know more info about the product he/she is interested in. In this case, the first call will be less valuable than the second one. And the second call will be a target one because the caller was converted to the client by making a purchase. To separate target call from the other ones, match them according to the reached goal and set the value for each call.

Configure the call categories

Go to Statistics > Call categories to create the required categories and to set the value for them.

In the “Add a category” form enter “Category name”, “Call value” and “Category number”. The system supports more than 10 categories.

  • Category name - is a title of the category. This parameter will help you to clarify the type of the calls.
  • Call value - is the price of the call, you get as a profit in the end of the sales cycle.
  • Category number - is an ID of the category. You can use this for the configured after-call category menu after every call.

How to use it

There’re two ways to attach a category to a call:

1. Using a comment in the call log for every call.

For these configurations set a comment to each required call in the call log.

2. Using automatic after-call category menu in call forwarding scheme.

Go to created call forwarding scheme. Click on “Edit branch” and configure an “After-call category menu”.

This setting allows your managers to choose the category manually after each taken call using a phone dialing keyboard.

Once you’ve configured call categories, you’ll be able to filter the target calls. Create reports for these types of calls and you’ll get the statistics for different call categories. This data will allow you to analyze and measure the number of conversions much better.

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