Call tracking

To analyze the behavior of the visitors on the web page you normally use different analytical systems and tools. But what is going on offline? How do you track these activities?

Here it is:

  1. A customer arrived at your web page from an ad in Google Search.
  2. He/she was visiting a few pages on the site during 3.5 minutes.
  3. Then he/she noticed the number in the head of the web page and made a call.

The point is, that Google Analytics will recognize the visitor's session as useless, having no conversions, while a user made a purchase via the call in reality.

Call tracking from Ringostat can solve this main issue.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking - is a way of tracking the sources which bring the caller to you and measuring the rate of the conversions via these calls. It allows determining a keyword, a source and a traffic channel the caller came from.

This method isn’t only determining the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, but also optimization of advertising budget, getting control over the managers, reducing the cost of attracting customers, and increased income as a final result. It works for both online and offline advertising.

How does it work?

What you get using call tracking by Ringostat

  • The growth of conversion rate up to 50% without extra investments.
  • Reducing the CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) value by 30%.
  • Cutting out non-effective advertising channels and reallocating the investments to effective ones.

To get more information about the benefits, check out our clients' stories about their success with call tracking from Ringostat:

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