Callback widget

Let’s see, there’s pretty huge traffic at your web page but you see that part of visitors still doesn’t contact you for some reasons?

Callback via Ringostat makes it easier to interact with the visitors and convert them into the clients, either they have a strong interest or they just look for the information.

What is Callback widget?

Callback widget is an automated service which helps your visitors to connect you without any barriers. Place it on every page of your site, call back your customers and just watch the boost of the conversions.

The widget interacts with the visitors in two ways:

  • A visitor clicks on the Callback button and entered the phone number;
  • The widget identifies the interested visitor and offers a free callback in 30 seconds.

How does it work?

What you get using Callback widget from Ringostat

  • Boost the calls from the visitors up to 50% depending on the industry.
  • Increase the conversion via the calls ;
  • Decrease the costs for the calls.

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