Configure project

After registration, you already set the general settings for your project. In case you want to change some of them, go to Settings > Project settings.

Here you can customize:

  • main settings, like changing your domain name or your Google Analytics ID; turning off/on the numbers insertion script;
  • call settings, such as changing your target call length or a call cycle; turning on/off call recording;
  • choosing the category to identify your business branch;
  • time settings, like setting different time zone or your working hours and days.
Main settings
  1. In Main settings you’ll see the domain of your project you’ve already put. So, it specifies the website where you are going to set call tracking service from Ringostat. Check your domain and go to the next step.
  2. Then copy the Google Analytics ID from Tracking Info at Admin tab in your Google Analytics account and put it here (Ringostat > Settings > Project settings > Main settings). After setting the call tracking for your project, all call statistics will be sent to this account.
  3. To disable or enable the dynamic number insertion and a callback widget, change the position of insertion status switcher.

Call settings

1. Enter the length of the target call. A call is a target one when the goal of conversion is reached. For example, a call was converted into the sale.

    Target call length is the duration of the call, which was converted to a sale or any other required goal. 

2. Now set the sales cycle to make your call statistics more clear. 

    A sales cycle is a period of time from the initial contact with a client to the purchasing.

3. To control and check the quality of your call agents work, check the “ Call recording” box. So, you will be able to listen to the records in the Call log.


Now, choose the project category to identify your business area.

This information will help us to optimize the work of your project much more and update you with new features, which can be useful for your business area.

For example, you are setting up a project at Ringostat for your on-line clothes shop. In this case select “Clothes and accessories”.

Time settings

These configurations allows organizing the work of your project according to your time zone and your company schedule.

1. First, set the time zone and a country for your project. The time of the call will be shown in the call log according to this setting. Callback widget work will be influenced by this setting also.

     For example, your company office situated in New York. So, set your time zone which is GMT-5 and select the country United States.

2. Configure the working hours and days according to your company schedule. For the weekend check the “ Close” box.

    It is possible to include your breaks in the settings. For example, your call agents work from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and they have a break at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm. In this case you can manage the calls traffic for your working hours using these settings.

    In case you have similar schedule for all working days, just set the time for Monday and click on “ Apply for all days” - the time setting will be copied for other days.

Once you configured the main settings of your project, go to the next step and set up the traffic channels you are going to track. 

In case you need any assistance feel free to contact our Support team via chat or through the email

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