Configure the custom gateway

For connecting the SIP-numbers to the project you need a login, a password and a gateway. In case you didn’t find the gateway you need in the list, create a custom one in the Gateway settings.

To add new gateway enter the next information:

  • Name of the gateway — according to the provider or a proxy;
  • Host — is a host of the gateway for connecting;
  • Port — a port of the gateway for connecting;
  • Protocol — a type of the protocol (sip);
  • Exit code — the additional setting for the exit code (non-required).

Then check the next boxes:

  • Active (if it’s activated);
  • Number registration is required (if SIP-number has to be registered at the server);
  • Numbers at this gateway are involved in insertion (if connected to this gateway number participates in insertion).

Once you’ve added the gateway it will appear in the SIP-Gateways list for connecting phone numbers.

Using these settings you can connect the numbers from any provider, you won’t find in our standard gateways list.

In case you need any assistance feel free to contactour Support team via chat or through the email

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