How to configure SIP client on your devices

Each user has a set of credentials which will be needed to configure each SIP-account:
To create a new one, check out thi s quick instruction.

Then install the app version required for your OS and device. You can download it following this link.
Here’s you can choose the app for your PC:

  1. Zoiper for Windows.
  2. Zoiper for Mac OS.
  3. Phonerlite for Windows.
  4. 3cx for Windows.

Below you will find the instructions for the apps for your smartphone:

  1. Zoiper for iPhone.
  2. Zoiper for Android.

Once you set the configurations, the SIP-account will register successfully. To check the connection, make a test call to your phone number.

In case you need any assistance feel free to contact our Support team via chat or through the email

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