Installing and configuring Ringostat Smart Phone

Create SIP account

To set up an extension and start working with it, create SIP accounts.
A SIP account (VoIP account) is a user account in a SIP phone network. It allows you to create your own virtual PBX and make/take calls without geographical limits. All you need is just a computer or a smartphone, a headset and the Internet.

1. Go to General settings > Employees settings and create SIP-account with the following details:

  • Full name - employee name;
  • Email - employee email;
  • Access level - employee access level.
  • Departments - if you have previously created a department you can choose which employee to assign the department to

2. Then click Add a contact, select SIP and fill in the following fields

  • Name - a login of a sip-account for authentication;
  • Password - a password of a sip account for authentication (you can generate a password)

If you create your password: it must be at least 14 characters long, with at least one digit, symbol (except of '<' and '>') and both lower-case and upper-case letters.

The name of the SIP account always includes the project's name and begins with it. For example, for project the beginning of SIP-account name will be testsitecom_. You can add anything after testsitecom_.

Password and login can be copied in one click

3. Now activate Ringostat Extension for your sip account:

Go to section VirtualPBX - SIP accounts, click the edit icon

And check the Use this SIP account in the Ringostat Extension box.

Installing and configuring Ringostat Smart Phone

1. Download the extension in the Chrome web store.

2. Click Add to Chrome and confirm adding the extension.

3. In the opened window give the access to the microphone for the extension if you are going to make the calls from your PC (from the browser using the headset)

If there is no pop-up window — give the access manually

4. Customize the extension according to your preferences:

Global settings

Set up the language of the extension and choose the position of the label.

Incoming call audio

In this block, you can set up a custom ringtone for calls. Insert the link of the melody from the site

Receive and make calls

  •  If you are going to make the calls and have the conversation from the extension with the headset, then choose “the built-in Ringostat Dialer”. Otherwise, select “another SIP client or phone”.
    In case you want to have the conversation from the other device, you should ask our customer support team for the API-key.
  •  If you don’t want to miss the calls — set up the push notifications.
  • Also you can configure rejecting the inbound calls during an active conversation. 

Ringostat Insider widget settings

  •  Enter the period you want to see the client history for.
  • Select the number of sessions you want to see in the client history within the previously set period.
  • Configure the information you want to be displayed in the client history.

Call by click setting

In case you want to be able to make the call by clicking on the phone number, activate the function in the settings.

Also, you can add the resources you want to disable the call by clicking on.
There have been ‘mail’ and ‘’ resources added by default already. 

Ringostat Omnichannel Messenger setting

The sound for messages are enabled by default. To turn it off, if you don’t need any sound for a new message, — switch the position for the tumbler.

If the "New appeal in the queue sound" switch is enabled — the manager will receive a notification with a sound when a new dialog is added to the queue.

You can also fire logging of the calls in the extension.

5. When you configured all settings you can log in with your SIP-account credentials and make/receive calls.

Go to any page and click on the ringostat label

Enter your SIP login and SIP password in the extension

Before logging in with your SIP-account credentials, check if the SIP-account is registered already. If it’s online according to the project status, unregister it in the previous application/device or change the password.

That`s all ;) 

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