IVR (the Interactive Voice Response)

The Interactive Voice Response helps you to interact with the caller rather fast. It allows directing the client’s query to the required department.

This technology allows a caller to interact with the company using tone keypad. This tool helps to reduce the costs and save yours and your client’s time.

For example:

  1. A caller wants to know more about call tracking service. — In this case, IVR will direct the customer to one of the Sales Representative.
  2. A caller had some technical problems and need some help. — The IVR technology helps to connect the caller to the Technical Support department.
Configure the IVR Settings

First, create an IVR scheme clicking on “Add IVR scheme” and entering a name for it. To configure it, click on “Edit” button and make the required settings:

Configure audio for the scheme for three cases:

  • Audio before dialing the extension number.
  • A repeated audio before dialing the extension number.
  • An audio before an unsuccessful dialing the extension number.

So, the audio with the list of internal numbers will be played according to these rules.

Configure call routing settings for the IVR scheme

1. Now get back and set a Call forwarding scheme for a failed extension number input. So, in a case a caller input a wrong extension number, he/she will hear a warning audio about it.

Please note: don’t forget to create a call forwarding scheme for failed extension number input in the Call forwarding settings.

2. Then select the call routing scheme for the right extension number input and set the call forwarding type:

Click on “Call forwarding table settings” and add a scheme with the next information:

    • Call forwarding location — a location for redirecting the call to;
    • Number — a phone number (is required for the “phone number” location);
    • Phone extension number — an extension number of a department or a call agent;
    • Timeout in seconds — a period of time for redirecting a call;
    • Description — additional info for the call routing scheme.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (15).gif

Extension number settings

Here configure the additional settings for the input of the extension number:

1. Enter Extension number input waiting time (in seconds) so the caller will have enough time for entering the number.

2. Add the number of digits in an extension number.

For example, the extension number is 106 and the number of digits in it is 3

3. To enable the re-input of extension numbers, enter an amount of it.

Please note: max is 3 times.

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Once you set all configurations for the call forwarding schemes and upload the audio files for IVR, the callers will be able to reach the departments they need right away rather fast.

Pro tip: there's also possible to set the call forwarding via IVR through the webhook call forwarding . 

In case you need any assistance feel free to contactour Support team via chat or through the email support@ringostat.com.

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