KISSmetrics is an analytics and metric tool that helps you to identify, understand and improve the metrics that drive your online business. Whenever a visitor becomes a customer, the entire previous history and data of that customer will be added to their profile.

It not only tracks conversions but also tracks customer retention, churn rate, customer lifetime value and much more.

It connects all your data to people, helps you understand the leaks in your funnel and gives you a look at what your customers are doing after signing up. KISSmetrics also lets you measure everything that is going on with your product in terms of usage by customers since the time they sign up.

Configuring the integration

1. Go to the Integrations -> KISSmetrics section and enable the integration.

2. To finish configuring the integration you will need additional setting. To set it up, please contact our Customer Support team by chat or e-mail and they will help you with this. ;)

In case you need any assistance feel free to contact our Support team via chat or through the email

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