Outgoing communication settings

The outgoing calls setting may allow you to optimize your outgoing traffic and cut off the costs for the calls.

    Here are the options:

    1. Setting the outgoing calls for each SIP account.

    2. Configuring the outbound calls traffic according to location (region).

    3. Forbidding the outbound calls for required SIP-accounts.

Configure the outgoing calls for the SIP-accounts

This setting may be useful if you want to attach different phone numbers for each agent outbound calls.

1. Go to the "Virtual PBX" --> "Outgoing communication settings" menu and click on "New rule" button.

2. In the first default tab "For SIP account" select the needed one (or a few).

3. After that select the required phone number you want these accounts to make the calls from.

Don't forget to save the changes after you add all the rules!

Configure the outbound calls traffic by location

This type of configurations will help you to set up the calls for different regions from the appropriate phone numbers.

1. Go to the "Virtual PBX" --> "Outgoing communication settings" menu and click on "New rule" button.

2. Select the second tab "By location (phone number)".

3. Add the direction you want to make calls to (the country and city code will be enough).

4. Select the number you want to make calls from for this direction.

Don't forget to save the changes after you add all the rules!

Set up the blocking the outgoing calls for SIP accounts

Using this setting you can block the outgoing connection for required SIP accounts.

1. Go to the "Virtual PBX" --> "Outgoing communication settings" menu.

2. In the block "Forbid outbound calls for SIP-accounts" select one or a few SIP accounts you are going to block the outbound connection for.

Priorities for the rules:

Please note: the rules will work according to the priorities (from the top to the bottom one).

1. For example, you set up a few rules for the SIP accounts with different numbers: supportringostat_example — 4420######## and supportringostat_emma — 1888#######. And you added the main rule for all outbound calls to the direction +38 from another number — 38044#######. In case the main rule for all outgoing calls is set as the first one (in the top of the list) and the rules for SIP-account are set after it, the outgoing traffic will work according to this priority. That means, that all calls to Ukraine (direction +38) including calls from SIP account you configured the other rules too, will be made from the number 38044#######. The calls to the other directions from these SIP accounts will be made from the numbers you attached to.

2. If you want to make all calls from selected SIP accounts from the attached numbers, just move them to the top of the list. In this case, their priority will be higher than the priority for the main rule of all outgoing calls to Ukraine. 

Recommendation: leave the default rule for displaying the phone number which a customer previously dialed with the highest priority (in the top of the list) as it has already been set. 

In case you need any assistance feel free to contact our Support team via chat or through the email support@ringostat.com.

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