Owox is the service which allows you collecting data about user actions in Google Analytics and export unsampled, non-aggregated data in your GoogleBigQuery account. That allows keeping much more information in huge sizes.

Configuring the integration

Step 1: setup the integration with Owox in your Ringostat account.

Go to the Integrations -> Owox BI section and enable the integration.

Step 2: setup the integration in your Owox account.

1. Go to your Pipeline and select Ringostat as data source.

2. Then provide access to your Google Analytics account.

3. Then select the Google Analytics view.

4. After that provide the access to your Google BigQuery account.

5. And finally select the Google BigQuery dataset.

6. Once you finish the previous steps, you will need to set the session data collection type.

7. In the end you should to set the Owox script for data collection on your web page.

Once you finish all the configurations, the integration will start gathering all the statistics you need.

In case you need any assistance feel free to contact our Support team via chat or through the email support@ringostat.com.

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