Finally, you reach the last step of your project activation.

Once you finish this step, you’ll be able to use Ringostat call tracking.

To know more about the system and how it works, we offer you 14 days of the free trial period.

As you set all configurations and connected the numbers to your project, switch it to the Trial status or activate your project with funding its balance.

The plan includes

Recurring charge - the price per month for the period you chose. This is the payment for the call-tracking service.

Upfront payment for call forwarding - the recommended price for call forwarding and outbound connection payment.This is the resources, which will be used for paying the inbound and outbound calls forwarding. After funding your account you can see this amount on the balance of the project.

Amount - a total amount of the plan for your project. In case you are renting the phone numbers from us, it will be included the monthly fee of them.

Discount courtesy of Ringostat - a discount you get by paying for the period more than 3 months.


In case our Sales Representative gave you special promo-code - add it before making the payment.

Moreover, we offer a discount program: you can save some costs when you pay for the period more than 3 months.

Paying for 3 months - you get 5% discount.

Paying for 6 months - you get 15% discount.

Paying for 12 months - you get 25% discount.

All information about the plans and discounts you can get from our Sales Representative.

How to activate your project with funding 

Now, when you are at the “Payment” step, select the period you want to pay for and go to the next step by clicking on “Pay now” button. Here you can choose a payment way you need:

1. Activation via the payment methods:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Liqpay
  • Paypal

2. Activation via Paymentwall::

  • Webmoney;
  • QIWI wallet;
  • Mint.

After you select the way of payment, click on “Continue” and you’ll be transferred to the payment page. Fill up the form with your billing details, check them and apply.

Please note: while filling up the form, you need to select the required country, as the information in the invoice and extra local taxes will be affected by this field.

In case you don't want to get the invoice for the company, but just as a natural person, fill up the form as it is for default.

After successful transaction, you will be able to see the money on the project balance. 

What’s next?

Once you’ve configured your project and activated it, you will be able to use call tracking service via Ringostat. To know more about the reports and advanced configurations, check out the Product documentation articles.

In case you need any assistance feel free to contact our Support team via chat or through the email

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