Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help small sales teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes.

It is a CRM service, that allows organizing a quick way to track deals and activities; helps to manage all your sales processes.

The benefits of the integration

Ringostat & Pipedrive integration let you easily track your website’s key events such as phone calls with Ringostat and send call data including utm-parameters directly to Pipedrive. Use Ringostat with Pipedrive to log all calls with call recordings, traffic source and keywords, add comments and automatically create contacts, deals and organizations.

Here’s what you can do using the integration:

  1. Customizing call analytics in your sales pipeline
  2. Planning your calling activities when you proceed with your deals.
  3. Controlling performance of each salesperson
  4. Adding comments to the deal, contact and organization with the link to a call recording for every inbound and outbound call.
  5. Assigning a responsible person for deals, as well as for missed calls.
Set the integration in a few steps

Step 1: Create the profiles for your agents in Ringostat

First, create the profiles for your agent, who has a Pipedrive account, in Ringostat (Ringostat > Settings > Agents). According to these settings, the system will push all calls data to the CRM-system and assign the deals to the responsible sales managers.

1. Add a new agent entering such details like:

  • Agent code — start from the beginning, like 1;
  • Enter a Full name of the agent;
  • Add an Email address of the agent;
  • SIP login — set any name for a new SIP-account, which will be attached to the agent;
  • Enter a Password for a new SIP-account you’ve named at the previous step;
  • Set the internal number of the agent.

2. Don’t forget to check “Missed calls distribution” box for activating the distribution of the missed calls to the agent.

Please note: this number/SIP-account should be added in the active call routing scheme.

Step 2: Enable the integration

To activate the integration, click on the “Enable integration” button in the Integration -> Pipedrive section. So, this setting sets the synchronization of both systems live.

Then check the "Enable integration" box and save.

Step 3: Configuring the integration

Now, when you’ve already enabled the integration and created the profiles for your agents and sales representatives, finish the configuration with setting the other extra parameters.

What to create after the call?

First, select the integration language, so all call data will be exported to your Pipedrive account according to this setting. 

Then, select, what you want to create after a call:

  • A deal, person and organization;
  • Deal and person.

For example, you want the full client profile will be created after the call automatically. Then choose all three parameters to be created.

After that, choose what notification you want to create after a call and attach it to a deal:

  • only activities;
  • only notes;
  • or both activities and notes.

So, they automatically will be created after a call with all needed details.
In case you don't want to consider completed deals, uncheck the required box.

Custom fields settings

You can push call tracking data (such as utm-parameters and Client ID) after a call to the CRM-system. To get the parameters you need, create and attach the Pipedrive custom fields IDs to them. 

Creating custom fields IDs in Pipedrive

  1. To create your custom fields IDs go to Pipedrive > Settings > Customize fields. 
  2. Then click on “Add a field”
  3. Select “Text” format and enter the appropriate name of the field.

Here are the parameters you can get and attach to a deal in Pipedrive automatically:

  • Utm_source 
  • Utm_medium
  • Utm_campaign
  • Utm_term
  • Utm_content
  • ClientID

You can configure the fields you need. For example, you want to send only main call tracking data. In this case create fields for utm_source, utm_mefium, utm_campaign and utm_term.

Then copy these fields IDs and put them in Ringostat to an appropriate parameter:

So, once you configure these fields, Ringostat automatically will attach additional information about the calls, such as advertising source, ad campaign and even keyword to a newly created deal in Pipedrive.

Agents settings

And the final step is to activate automatic deal assignment to a responsible user in Pipedrive filling in the table below. 

Otherwise, all the deals will be automatically assigned to a user-API token owner.

To get user IDs in Pipedrive, press "Get Pipedrive Data" button above. Then attach the Agent name to a Pipedrive user you want to distribute the deals to. 

So, if you’ll reload the Pipedrive integration settings page, you’ll see the Pipedrive user IDs attached to the agents.

In case you need any assistance feel free to contact our Support team via chat or through the email support@ringostat.com.

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