Traffic channels

What do you want to track?

Now, when you’ve already configured the general settings of your project, let’s figure out what exactly you want to track.

Mostly, we recommend to set up all general traffic channels, like cpc, organic, referral etc. It will help you to see the whole picture of you promo process and analyze of all your advertising channels will be rather clear.

But, in case, your web page traffic is not really huge and you use, for example, only paid ads - it will be enough to configure just All CPC channel (or a channel for every CPC source, like Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.). So, you’ll get full statistics of your cpc traffic.

How do you want to track it?

So, as you already decided what channels you are going to track, let’s figure out the way you’re gonna do this. Here’s a few of them:

  • a session-based call tracking allows a session-based phone number to be assigned to each web visitor and their online activity;
  • a basic call tracking let you track a channel or a source by typing a phone number to exact marketing channel or referral source;
  • combined call tracking include both session-based and basic types, what allows you to expand the possibilities.

The best and the most general way is to pick up the last one - a combined call tracking. So, you’ll be able to track as online as offline channels with different traffic.

But, in case you have really huge traffic just from your online sources - a session-based call tracking would be your way of tracking the calls.

And in another case, when you just have small traffic from a few online (and offline) sources - you’d better choose a basic call tracking.

What channels to select and how to configure them?

A traffic channel is an advertising channel or a source the potential target client comes to your web page from.

For tracking any source you will need the specific utm-parameters. Them allows identifying the channel (even up to the key-phrases).

There are main system channels and settings you can use. Also, you can add the custom settings for tracking your specific channels.

All the settings for the traffic channels you can make in the Insertion script — Traffic channels menu.

Main channels

There are the well-known general channels you can select from the list:

  • All CPC — allows tracking the general channels of the paid ads (for example, ads at Google, Bing, etc.).
  • Any other — allows tracking every online source the visitor can come from.
  • Direct — allows tracking the visitors, who directly type the web page address.
  • Google Adwords — allows tracking the Google paid ads.
  • Google Organic (SEO) — allows tracking the visitors, who come from the Google Search (Organic).
  • Organic search (SEO) — allows tracking organic search traffic (from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).
  • Referral — allows tracking the visits from another web pages. For example, Facebook or Youtube.
  • Bing Ads — allows tracking the Bing paid ads.
  • Bing (SEO) — allows tracking the visitors, who come from the Bing Search (Organic).

For every channel set the parameters according to the type of it. There are four of them:

  • source: yandex, google, web-page, direct, etc;
  • channel: organic, cpc, referral, none (for every tracking channels), etc.
  • campaign: the campaigns names of your advertising channel; none (for every tracking campaign).
  • keyword: determine the keyword according to your advertising channel; none (for every tracking keyword).


1. Do you use Google Adwords and organic channel for promotions? Then add “Google CPC and SEO” group. Create 2 traffic channels within this group: "Google CPC" and “Google Organic (SEO)” ones. 

2. Do you use Google and Bing paid ads, organic and some referral channels? In this case, add “Any other” channel with the regular expression ".*" in each field, so it will include all these traffic channels. 

3. Do you use combined call tracking for all SEO and some referral channels and the traffic from referral channel is not really huge? Then create the “Organic search (SEO)” channel with the group "Main". After that add “Referral” channel, for example, Twitter and set the required parameters for it - Don forget to set "Main" group to the second channel too.

Custom channels

To expand your possibilities in analyzing call tracking, use your own traffic channels, either they are online or offline.

Pro tip: To use basic call tracking for the offline sources, put the phone numbers into the ads.

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