Virtual BPX

Analyze and increase the effectiveness of Sales Representative work.

  1. Increase your customer service work quality.
  2. Organize the work of your call-center and catch every client request.
  3. Organize the work of your call-center and catch every client request.
  4. Expand your business without any huge costs.

What is Virtual PBX?

To contact the customers over the world, spend less money and still have a high-quality connection can be easier than you think. With Ringostat you can connect SIP-numbers for more than 70 countries and communicate with the clients from different continents like you are the neighbors.

Ringostat Virtual PBX is the most comfortable way to manage your call center work. This service offers VoIP telephone connection and works without any expensive hardware. All you need is just a computer + headset (or a smartphone) and the Internet connection.

Ringostat Virtual PBX provides:

  • Extension numbers;
  • IVR (Interactive voice response);
  • Intelligent call routing;
  • Call recording;
  • Voicemail and other audio configurations;
  • Call alerts;
  • Web-dialer (directly from your browser).

How does it work?

What you get from Ringostat Virtual PBX

  • Sizable reduce of the number of missed calls.
  • Increase the volume of incoming foreign clients.
  • Cutting out the costs for the telephone connection.
  • Reaching the high-quality standards of working with clients.

To know more ways of optimization of your business processes using Ringostat Virtual PBX, check out the case study at our blog:

Ringostat Case Study: The Number Of Missed Calls Reduced By 2.5

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