Zoiper for iPhone

Configure your Zoiper software settings in a few steps.

When you start ZoiPer for iOS for the very first time, it should automatically take you to the Account screen. If this is your first SIP account, you should see a setup wizard that looks something like the first image below.

1. Click Add Account + (if necessary)
2. Do you already have an account > Yes

3. Choose > Manual Configuration

4. Choose Account Type > SIP Account.

5. Get the user information that you gained in main SIP-accounts settings article and put it into the corresponding fields.

User: login
Password: password
Domain: sip.ringostat.com

6. In the Additional Settings section, select Audio Codecs and choose GSM, a-law and u-law. 

7. The device should display Registration Status: OK
Your device is now registered.

Once you set the configurations - make a test outbound call to check the connection.

In case you need any assistance feel free to contactour Support team via chat or through the email support@ringostat.com.

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