Zoiper for Windows

Once you install the application on your computer, configure your Zoiper software settings in a few steps.

1. Enter the SIP-account you've got from your Ringostat account :

  • Login@domain: login@sip.ringostat.com
  • Password: password

And click on the "Login" button.

2. Then check the hostname. It should be the same as the domain — sip.ringostat.com, and click on “Next”.

3. Skip the next step as you won't need these settings.

4. Let the app to test the configurations. So in the end checkbox "SIP TCP" will be found one. Go to the next step.

5. Check your SIP-account login and domain you set before and create an account with these settings.

6. Don't forget to test and configure your sound, mic and camera settings.

7. Congratz, you set up your SIP-account and can use it for making and accepting the calls.

8. As it was successful, there will be the green mark next to your SIP-account name.

Once you set the configurations - make a test outbound call to check the connection.

In case you need any assistance feel free to contact our Support team via chat or through the email support@ringostat.com.

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